Simple Pleasures

As is the norm these days, my wife Sally and I spent the weekend at our cabin in the hills of Southern Indiana that we affectionately know simply as Goat Hollow (the name will be the subject of a future blog I’m sure).  I haven’t actually kept track of the number of weekends spent there but since acquiring the property a couple of years ago it has truly become our second home.  We love it there….you probably think that is a euphemism but we really do love it.   The curious thing about Goat Hollow is how contrary it is to what most folks would be proud to call their “second residence”.    Most people have visions of a least a cottage on a lake, or maybe a condo on the beach someplace warm but not us.  I know it strange but that is just how we are.

Now it is important to understand that Goat Hollow is somewhat primitive.  It has no electricity, unless you count  the 1982 Onan generator we installed last week.  We do have running water, if you don’t mind refilling the 2 gallon jug sitting on a shelf above the sink.   And of course nothing says modern technology like a 20 degree breeze caressing your backside during an early morning trip to Charlotte’s house (again, that name will be the subject of another future blog).   There is of course  the furnance…well a 60s vintage wood stove.  And best of all, there is almost no cell phone coverage.  I say almost none because if you stand in one corner of the deck and remain completely motionless you can get one bar of reception on a cell phone.  Texting works but it does keep conversations short.

But, the lack of amenities is what makes it special to us.   It seems we are gluttons for punishment but we actually enjoy carting in our own water, chopping our own fire wood, and braving the cold when mother nature calls.  We must like  it because we keep going again and again and again.  Maybe someday we’ll have the basic necessities, until then we’ll just keep embracing the simple life that makes Goat Hollow so special.



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