“Tolerance” Epistle #1

Ok, I’m gonna cheat a little bit on this one.  Its cut and paste time.  An old friend sent me an email this morning that sort of touches on something that I have contemplated writing a blog on.  That subject is the word “tolerant” or worse yet “intolerant”.  It just drives me bonkers and boils my blood..errrrrrgggghhhh !   Man I hate that word.  One of these days my thoughts on the subject will finally coalesce and I will get my them down on paper to share with the world…or those who really give a fat rat’s fanny what I think (please refer to my earlier blog on the reference to the rat’s fanny) 

In the meantime here is the gist of the email that I received.  

An illegal alien in Polk County Florida who got pulled over in a routine traffic stop ended up ‘executing’ the deputy who stopped him. The deputy was shot eight times, including once behind his right ear at close range. Another deputy was wounded and a police dog killed. A state-wide manhunt ensued.
The murderer was found hiding in a wooded area and as soon as he took a shot at the SWAT team, officers opened fire on him. They hit the guy 68 times.
Naturally, the liberal media went nuts and asked why they had to shoot the poor undocumented immigrant 68 times.
Sheriff Grady Judd told the Orlando Sentinel: ‘Because that’s all the ammunition we had.’ Now, is that just about the all-time greatest answer or what!
The Coroner also reported that the illegal alien died of natural causes. When asked by a reporter how that could be since there were 68 bullet wounds in his body, he simply replied “when you are shot 68 times you are naturally gonna die.”

I want to meet Sheriff Grady Judd (is that a good ole “cracker” name or what???) and maybe toss back a couple of beers with him.  That just might be an interesting conversation. 

Now let me say that I am not an isolationist and I’m not one of those people who think we should build a 20 ft wall around the country and let no one in.  After all, unless you are a Native American you are spawned from an immigrant.  But, like my grandfather, I just want folks who desire to come to our country to do it legally.   Likewise, I don’t believe in indiscriminate killing of citizens by law enforcement.  However, I am not a pacifist either…….if you are in OUR country illegally and you decide to shoot someone (police officer, police dog, or anyone else for that matter) you should be aware that, at in my mind,  all bets are off.  Don’t come cryin about your civil rights or racial profiling or police brutality; what ever rights you had you gave them up when you pulled the trigger the first time.  If you choose to  live by the sword it doesn’t seem that far-fetched that you might die by it too.


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